Learning Spanish With Audio Books – 3 Alternatives

Many people nowadays prefer learning Spanish with audio books over taking traditional Spanish classes. In learning Spanish or any foreign language, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be a boring and tedious job. Even for beginners, there are many ways to make it a more enjoyable learning experience. Keeping this in mind, learning Spanish shouldn’t only be learned through boring textbooks but also through an audible method. Arguably, there is no better way to the language than taking audio courses. Here are three of the many audio courses that are available on the market today.

1. Pimsleur Spanish

Pimsleur Spanish is probably one of the most popular Spanish audio courses today. Pimsleur Spanish implies that you should learn a language the exact way that you learned to speak English when you were a child. The course’s developer, Dr. Pimsleur proved that it is much easier to learn languages in small chunks. With this in mind, each Pimsleur Spanish lesson is just 30 minutes long. This duration is just enough for your brain to get going but not too long that it overwhelms you.

2. Learning Spanish Like Crazy

This audio course stands out among the others because they make use of native speakers all over the course and emphasize were the course’s Founder describes as “down-to-earth” Spanish. The benefit in this is you will learn to speak Spanish in a more conversational way rather than the traditional stiff and straight forward version of Spanish that most audio courses provide. Somewhat similar to the Pimsleur method, except this course provides more advanced grammar and vocabulary than Pimsleur. This method is ideal for the student who wants to learn how to speak a very conversational version of the language.

3. Synergy Spanish

Most people like Synergy Spanish for the speed it offers. This is the course to get if you are planning to go to Spain or any Spanish speaking country for a short visit or vacation and just want to know the basics. As this course is more like a guide for a traveler who needs to know the basics just enough to communicate with anybody, it does not ask you to learn really long lists of words and all the grammar.